The Deben Probus Club

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A warm welcome to our website - its purpose is to introduce you to our club and give you some idea of who we are and what we do. Probus clubs can be found all around the world, but especially in English speaking countries.  The first clubs in England were started in the mid-sixties, in Caterham and Welwyn Garden City, and were formed by previous members of Rotary Clubs. Clubs are autonomous each making its own rules and decisions about time, place and regularity of meetings, and the format these gatherings follow.  Some clubs are single sex and some like ours are mixed. If you would like more information on the history and development of Probus Clubs worldwide please click here.

The Deben Probus Club was founded in 1985. Our primary aim is to provide a forum that encourages social contacts and fellowship amongst our members. Meetings are held on the third Monday of each month at 12.30 for 1.00 pm at the Ufford Park Resort - lunch is then followed by a speaker.

We also organise a number of events and visits to places of interest each year. Additionally we have a very active walking group.

Our wives/partners join us on occasions throughout the year. These include some monthly lunches, a walk each month, and regular visits to places of national and/or local interest.

Our members generally live locally, most of them in the Woodbridge area. They come from a wide variety of professional backgrounds ranging from electronics and engineering to insurance, retailing and the armed services, as well as many others. Many of their interests include working for the community and supporting local activities.

We welcome new members and if you would like to join us please contact the Secretary, John Hickling on 01728 746322.

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